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Open Data Day Wellington, 2017. Credit: aimee whitcroft.

International Open Data Day: Wellington

International Open Data Day dawned bright and beautiful this year in Wellington.

And, instead of getting out into Wellington’s all-too-rare sunshine, a group of open data and environment enthusiasts gathered at the National Library’s beautiful net.work space to spend the day conceptualising, designing and prototyping environment-related products and services.

Check out the video below for more on the event. You can also read more — including about the 6 awesome projects — over on data.govt.nz’s blog.

Rapid prototyping with environmental datasets — International Open Data Day 2017 (data.govt.nz)

The event was organised and sponsored by data.govt.nz, Open Data NZ, Statistics NZ, National Library, LINZ and GovHack NZ.

GovHack NZ is NZ’s largest open data/open government hackathon, and happens across the country 28–30 July 2017. This year, Nick and I are leading it as part of the social good/volunteering component of our GovWorks NZ work.



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