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Airdrop wen? This post will try shedding some light on Airdrop wat?, as Quicksilver will be doing things a little differently.

The Basics

Over 50% of the Genesis supply will be going to a series of airdrops, plus community incentives, meaning that the community will receive over 100,000,000 Quick (QCK) tokens, distributed over an extended period of time. The airdrops will go to the accounts that are staking on an onboarded chain via the Quicksilver protocol and have a balance during that chain’s snapshot.

The Quicksilver team has allocated a percentage of the ongoing inflation emissions to an incentives pool, and so stakers of zones that will be on-boarded at later dates will also benefit from airdrops. This means that even the stakers of chains that do not exist yet will be able to receive a Quick airdrop.

One of Quicksilver’s core tenets is community. The Quicksilver team believes that the protocol should be in the hands of those who use it. Over time, the team sees this community evolving and growing. Therefore, to prevent early birds from being the main beneficiaries of the airdrops, Quicksilver airdrops will be continuous, in the hopes of a more even distribution of assets among holders.

Airdrop Structure

The amount of tokens airdropped into each account will not be solely determined by the amount of stake that account has. There are several considerations that will factor into this, such as the way a user stakes. To prevent people from gaming the airdrop, the exact equation won’t be revealed, but keep in mind that Quicksilver values decentralization, governance, and community participation.

The goal with an airdrop like this is to support decentralization, promote participation in Cosmos governance, and make sure this airdrop is as fair as possible. Quicksilver will not be giving any preferential treatment to any validator, and airdrop amounts will be solely determined by a formula that considers validator performance and decentralization. All validators will be subject to the same rules, with the exception of centralized exchanges, which will be excluded entirely from the airdrop.

The Quicksilver (QCK) Token

The QCK token was designed for on-chain governance, paying transaction fees, incentivizing good practice, and rewarding staking participation on both the Quicksilver chain and on others in the Cosmos. The Genesis supply will be 200 million tokens. Read more about the QCK Token here.

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