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Amsterdam Sticker Contest

The Quicksilver team is challenging the community to find 12 Quicksilver stickers posted around Amsterdam.

The stickers are near Central, and the pictures taken give clues as to where they are placed.

The first one to find each of these will receive an airdrop of 100 $QCK tokens, in the genesis allocation.

Participants must:

  • Take a picture of the sticker
  • Post it to Twitter and tag @quicksilverzone on Twitter

Once a sticker is posted, the location is burned, meaning it will no longer be eligible for the contest airdrop. A single person can claim a maximum of one of the sticker airdrops.

The airdrop will be credited to user accounts upon Genesis, scheduled for Q3 of 2022. Winners must provide an address to the team within a week of winning or will no longer be eligible for this airdrop.




Interchain Liquid Staking for the Cosmos ecosystem and beyond.

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