QuickStudio 0.5: What’s new

Quickstudio 0.5 is rolling out today. Here are 10 exciting new features:

1. New style panel

Following feedback we redesigned the style panel. It is now called “Design”. You can add elements and tweak styling from the same place.

2. Resize with drag and drop

You can now use the sizing handles to change the width and height of elements. To change the margin, hold the “alt” key while resizing.

3. Icons

You can now add icons to your designs. We’ve added 933 Material UI icons.

4. Image positioning

Now you can easily position an image by drag a handle. We’ve added 9 presets.

5. Background gradient

It is a common task to darken an image with a gradient. We’ve added builtin support for that.

6. Double click to change text and image

A highly requested feature was to simplify the way you change text. We added a support for double clicking a text and image element.

7. Simple data and patterns

We searched for a way to simplify data. In this version, you simply to choose a field from a list. You can choose more than one field.

8. Size indicators for placeholders

Now you can see the size of your placeholders whether it’s in flex or in pixels.

9. Smart copy

You can copy/paste entire elements or copy/paste their style. To copy an element’s style simply choose the element, copy it (⌘+C), choose another element and paste (⌘+V). The style will be copied from the first element to the second once . To copy an entire element, copy it (⌘+C), choose a placeholder element and press paste (⌘+V).

10. Animations

You can now add simple animations to different elements. Animations make a UI come to life.

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