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Diary, 1984: March 29th

Against All Odds

Made in Canva on an iPad innnnnn the future. Booga booga.

Dear Diary,

Yeah. I know it’s been like eeeeeeons since I last wrote, sue me. (NOT to be confused with Sue D. DON’T Sue D. me…that slut-nose prissy stuck-up whoreface shitbag is a bitch. Yeah. I wrote it all out. Because you know what? To quote Droopy Dog — I’m mad. GAWD, I don’t know why I let her get to me so much.




A tongue-in-cheek, casual playground for @Medium writers to vent, seek advice, collaborate, workshop writing styles, freeform write, and have a laugh or two.

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KiKi Walter

KiKi Walter

Snarky Megalomaniac, Queen Bee, and Pub Pirate. Also: The Memoir Queen. Evil mastermind behind Suite 1984 Publishing & Therapy, and her devoted crew of minions.

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