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A Very F̶r̶i̶e̶n̶d̶l̶y̶ Fatherly Person

Is your father your friend, or is your friend your father?

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One day, Tinu’s teacher asked the entire class to come prepared with an essay on “my friend.”

Unfortunately, the teacher got sick the next day and school’s principal sent in a substitute teacher.

The substitute asked the students to write an essay on “my father.”

Tinu and his classmates complained and told the substitute that they were asked to prepare an essay on “my friend.”

But the substitute did not pay any heed to students’ complaints.

With no options left, Tinu decided to use his creativity.

He improvised and replaced friend with father in the essay he had prepared. Here is what he came up with.

I am a very fatherly person.

I have lots of fathers.

Some of my fathers are male.

And some are female.

My mother is very close to many of my fathers.

When my mother allows, my fathers come to my house for sleepovers.

My uncle is also my father.

My true father is my neighbor.

My brother also has many fathers but they are not my fathers.

I love all my fathers.


Every father is equally important.




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