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Mama, I Want to Be an Editor With Doctor Funny

It’s different!

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Dear Dr. Burg,

This is in reference to your article dated May 11, 2022 about the position of editor in your esteemed publication.


Whaddup Mikey Boy,

Listen, dude! I don’t meet any of the criteria you mentioned and won’t do anything you ask of me, won’t attend your meetings, or write meeting notes. But I will not fail you in self-publishing my articles in the pub, sans any pestering.

However, I bring some serious business acumen and four pounds worth of brillain’t ideas no one cares about. I do not have a poker face but doing business with me is a gamble.

Are you willing to jump into the Shark Tank?

If so, please send in your applications to willsmith@hidinginbollywood.com. Do not forget to include the quotations of what you have got to offer.

I do only favors, no commitments!

My lazy brown ass on the yellow couch will review your request in my own time and respond pronto to the lady in Toronto.

Tina bing bong
Vain Jaguar, aka Douche Rocket, aka Numpty


KiKi Walter, Kristine Laco, Jennifer McDougall

If you want to be in the inner circle of the good doctor, Michael Burg, MD (AKA Medium Michael Burg) and want access to his juicy a̶ ̶s̶ ̶s stats, APPLY NOW!




A tongue-in-cheek, casual playground for @Medium writers to vent, seek advice, collaborate, workshop writing styles, freeform write, and have a laugh or two.

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