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Quick Talk July Inspiration Writing Prompt v6

Mightier Than the Sword

A conversation between a ballpoint pen and its mother, a fountain pen.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

I am a ballpoint pen. I have an interesting lineage and history and have played significant roles in many lives. Today, I want to share one of my favorite conversations with my Mother, a fountain pen, renowned for her beauty, knowledge, and wisdom.

Me: Ma, you are so bright and shiny, and golden in color. Although I lead a hectic lifestyle, always busy, always traveling, you are the one who is coveted for your beauty!

Photo by Hayley Maxwell on Unsplash

Ma: My dear, the days of fountain pens seem to be over and it is the turn of ball-point pens. Your owner loves you and her very livelihood, as a writer, depends on you; that fills me with great pride! Fortunately, your owner’s mother owns me, and we are able live near each other.

Me.: Ma, I want to hear about your childhood.

Ma: I was carefully assembled and placed in a handsome satin-lined box, where I rested until I was welcomed into my owner’s life and assumed a place of honor on her desk. Over the years we have shared long conversations, often on paper. But I love it best when she holds me and talks to me, and through me. Did you know that I was gifted to my owner by your grandpa's last owner?

Me: Oh, do tell me about grandpa!

Ma: Well, you know your grandpa may have been a featherweight but he could move the masses! He gave a powerful voice even to those who could not speak and awakened nations and millions of people at the same time. He changed the course of people's lives forever. If it weren’t for him, lovers over the years wouldn’t have been able to communicate! Do you know that he passed away because of one sentence?!

Me: Oh! I understand now, his last owner was a judge, wasn’t he? What about your owner? I know she is a teacher but why does she covet you?

Ma: One day she said, “You are a cherished gift. I never lend you to anyone. I have too many fond memories and milestones associated with you!” She believes I am lucky for her! I blush to think I am privy to her secrets. Not only am I intimate friends with her diary but also witness to her thoughts and her meetings where matters of great importance are discussed.

Oh, she praises me all the time. There was this instance when she said I saved lives. We were driving somewhere and suddenly heard a screech of tires. We stopped immediately and were shocked to witness an accident. She quickly pulled me out and noted down the number of the car that caused it and was congratulated by the police for her presence of mind. Later she told me that had it not been for me, it wouldn’t have been possible.

Her students would hang on to my every word because their grades depended on me.

Those were the days when I was not blue-blooded as I am now.

By the way, I remember a sad incident when someone stole me from my owner’s purse. The next day there was uproar at the school where my owner worked. They looked for me hither and thither in vain. Two days later, the culprit thought it safe to bring me out but was caught red-handed! Thankfully, I returned to my rightful owner.

Now, can you tell me what is special about — but common to — you, me, and grandpa?

Me.:We help people express themselves in any language they choose and that makes us multilingual. We enable people to save their thoughts for eternity. Were it not for us, the world would have missed so many journals filled with vital information about discoveries, epic works of literature and music, and art. We create careers and employment. We have a long history, don’t we, Ma?

Ma: If you want to publicize our utility in a lighter vein, what would you say?

Me.: Well, let me see. I would say, `My days are devoted to capturing every bore’s imagination just as my namesake captures boars!’ Your turn now!

Ma:`I decide what is `write’ and what is wrong!’

Me.:`The discerning user is pensive when employing me — although if she is not careful in using me, it could prove to be quite expensive!’

Ma:`I see all the rules but draw the line where I please!’

Having said that, the mother and daughter have a hearty laugh.

It is true that technology may rule the world for most people but the charm of the handwritten word will never diminish!

Written in response to Mama Ki’s Funkin prompt for July v6 — Dialogue only! I chose this because . . . it was funkin!

Now you put down that fizzy cocktail and get to writing! Go check out KiKi Walter’s new prompts, kids!

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Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles

Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles

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