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3 Ways APIs Are Changing The Insurance Game

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What Are APIs?

3 Ways That APIs Can Benefit Insurers

  • Public APIs: Nowadays everyone uses technology for advice. We consult Google before going to a doctor when we show symptoms of being ill, similarly when it comes time to shop for something new, checking online for price comparison has become a norm. This is where APIs can help insurers! By building APIs or adding a third party API that allows price comparison or policy comparison features to your website/application one can attract more leads! Similarly you can list your own API on comparison websites, helping you reach out to a whole new audience!
  • Data Analysis: The insurance industry relies heavily on insights and data analysis for providing higher customer satisfaction, and more personalised policies and schemes. With APIs the process of data sharing becomes streamlined, insurers can now access large public data sources and use this for better insights and marketing analytics. These insights can then be used to drive digital innovation and offer a higher value of features to policyholders. For example providing weather forecast, and damage assistance for agricultural policies!
  • Tech Integration: User experience is consistently getting redefined with technological innovation! With APIs the next big thing in car insurance is the integration of devices that can mitigate risk and reward drivers with lower premiums based on their safety and mileage. This technology makes use of real time data and calculates premium, providing customers with a highly personalised service and ensuring people pay exactly what they should.
  • Partner Onboarding: Bringing more partners onboard, can be a great way to increase your revenue streams! It allows you to reach out to a wider audience. However this needs to be done with caution as partners are representing your policies and hence your brand! You need to ensure that the information they are providing to potential customers is accurate and updated. APIs can help streamline the process of onboarding new partners, and simplify the process of managing them through easier information exchange. Quickly onboard brokers, banks, travel companies and much more as your partners with the help of APIs.



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