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Airtable with Quickwork to create apps that perfectly fit your team’s needs

Airtable is a spreadsheet-database hybrid cloud-based platform that enables storing information related to customer relationship management (CRM), task management, project planning, inventory, invoices, etc. Airtable also enhances data visualization as it supports various grid views ensuring that each data cell undergoes proper monitoring.

Using Quickwork you can integrate Airtable with other applications which are simple enough to use but can effectively solve extremely complex automation problems.

Asana Airtable Integration:

Create Asana tasks from new Airtable records: This automatically creates new tasks in Asana every time something new is added to your Airtable database.

Add new Asana tasks to Airtable: This automatically organizes the to-do list for your projects and keeps/stores/backs up all the documents and images.

Create Asana tasks from new Airtable records in a view: Asana tasks will be generated from new Airtable records in a view.

Mailchimp Airtable Integration:

Add subscribers to Mailchimp via new Airtable records: It automatically adds new subscribers to a Mailchimp list just by filling out a record in an Airtable database.

Add new Mailchimp subscribers to Airtable: It automatically creates a new record in your Airtable database for every new subscriber added to your Mailchimp email list.

Quickwork helps companies integrate multiple systems and applications, to design delightful user journeys using Quickwork automation builder. Quickwork automation builder is an API-driven, zero-code, DIY tool, enabling any user to design and implement workflows with ease and speed.



Quickwork is a no-code, real-time, enterprise iPaaS with 1,000+ pre-integrated apps to build enterprise and consumer workflows, publish APIs, and manage conversations. With users in 130 countries, Quickwork is becoming the go-to iPaaS for enterprises.

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