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App Of The Week: Razorpay

Welcome to your induction into the universe of apps offering possibilities of integration through APIs. For this week our feature application is Razorpay. The commerce industry is booming and having a secure digital payment gateway setup is an essential for e-commerce stores to grow with it. Customers love being given a choice, and with a secure payment like Razorpay as a seller you’re able to provide your customers with that choice and freedom to pay as they please, be it via card or UPI. How do you get the most out of your payment gateway app though?

The simple answer is integration. With the help of integration you can use Razorpay for a lot more than just a payment portal. The Razorpay API makes it possible for you to connect Razorpay with your website, your systems and other applications to create automated workflows.

3 Automated Journeys To Build With Razorpay

Here are some quick automated workflows you can set up and get testing in a few minutes using Quickwork automation.

  • Integrating Razorpay with Sheets and Mail: Connect Razorpay with your email and Google Sheets to automate the process of generating and sending a payment link to your customers via email, while simultaneously maintaining a record of your transactions on Google Sheets. Make the process of closing the deal with your leads more seamless with this integration. Click here to build this journey.
  • Automate Invoicing: Shorten the process of your payment processing. As a salesman you should be focusing your time on generating more leads, administrative duties like generating invoices and sharing them with customers when done manually can be a cumbersome process. Automate this by connecting Razorpay with PDF Otter to generate an invoice in a templatised format, this can be integrated with your email, ensuring that a mail is auto generated and sent to customers upon each successful transaction. Click here to build this journey.
  • Connect Payments To Your Shopping Bot: Razorpay has a built in feature on most website builders like Shopify and WooCommerce to connect your payment gateway as an add on even without an API, however shopping over Whatsapp has become increasingly popular and a dominant feature in procuring customers. Whatsapp has a huge base of active daily users and it allows for two way communication making it a preferred medium to explore when it comes to building customer relations and up-selling your products/services and recovering your abandoned cart sales. Digressing your customers to another medium however spikes up the risk of losing their attention. People nowadays have a limited span of retaining interest and hence providing a quick and easy solution to customers is the way to ensure lesser lead loss. By integrating Razorpay with your Whatsapp chatbot you are ensuring a way for your customers to seamlessly checkout through a messenger itself. This shortens the sale cycle making it easier for your customers to buy from you. Click here to build this journey.

You can use the Razorpay API to automatically generate payment links, increase your database of customers, set up drip campaigns, automate invoices and much more. To know and get the best out of Razorpay get in touch with us and make sure you subscribe to our mailing list to stay up to date with the latest buzz in the API universe.



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