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Connect Sales with Customer Success

You have identified a new software product that if utilized well can turn out to be super effective for your business. However, there’s one issue. Conveying your business requirements in detail, in-depth, and accurately to the service provider.

While onboarding a new product, as a business you may need:

Your service provider, on the other hand, will have to work with you to make you successful as a client.

Steps for onboarding you as a new client:

Difficulties faced during account data transfer between sales and customer success teams:

Without a Salesforce and Jira integration, the salesperson using Salesforce will have to download the details of contacts, write a mail, or manually convey contacts to the customer success team.

Jira enables the customer success team to -

Salesforce enables the sales team to -

Business benefits of Quickwork’s journey that integrates Salesforce with Jira -

Building a sales and customer success journey using Quickwork’s Journey Builder Tool:

While setting up a Salesforce account, every business identifies important data points that must be added and updated by the salespeople. For example, adding a business sector or locality can help teams within sales verticals to identify the division of work. Hence making it easier to segregate work. Once the sales team has collated all relevant data points that have to be communicated to the customer success team, you can create triggers for each activity and connection needed between Jira and Salesforce.

Create trigger points to integrate Jira and Salesforce to:

To offer a better experience to your clients, use Quickwork to connect sales with customer success quickly!



Quickwork is a no-code, real-time, enterprise iPaaS with 1,000+ pre-integrated apps to build enterprise and consumer workflows, publish APIs, and manage conversations. With users in 130 countries, Quickwork is becoming the go-to iPaaS for enterprises.

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