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Flock Integrations 101

Flock is the best team communication bot builder and online collaboration platform where people can discuss their tasks and get into one picture. The app is available on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and Web. Flock allows users to configure external apps and integrations from the Flock App Store and receive notifications and updates directly in Flock.

Ways to integrate Flock with other applications using Quickwork

Gmail Flock Integration:

Get new emails in Flock: This automation will get new incoming Gmail emails sent directly in Flock.

Google Sheets Flock Integration:

Post Flock messages whenever rows are updated on Google Sheets: This integration will respond to each update you make on Google Sheets.

Trello Flock Integration:

Get new Trello notifications in Flock: Quickwork will capture every new notification on Trello and forward it to Flock

GitHub Flock Integration:

Get Flock notifications for new GitHub mentions: This will help to notify you on Flock every time someone mentions you on a particular repository on Github.

Google Calendar Flock Integration:

Post upcoming Google Calendar events to a Flock group: This will post upcoming events to a Flock group.

Dropbox Flock Integration:

Get Flock notifications whenever a new file is added to a folder in Dropbox: This will notify you and your team on a Flock group every time any file is added to a particular Dropbox folder

Quickwork helps companies integrate multiple systems and applications, to design delightful user journeys using Quickwork automation builder. Quickwork automation builder is an API-driven, zero-code, DIY tool, enabling any user to design and implement workflows with ease and speed.



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