Quids: Now available for testing

The first beta of Quids, our cryptocurrency manager for Mac with support for Coinbase, is available for early testing via our Product Hunt Upcoming page.

In this first beta you can authorize your Coinbase account and view transactions across your Wallets and Vaults, as well as generate addresses to receive money, and send money to others via addresses or email.

Quids requires a Coinbase account, but you can register through the app if you don’t have one already. As you’d expect we support all the crypto currencies that Coinbase does with first party support for sending and receiving between Wallets.

In the current beta, when authorizing your Coinbase account you might like to (optionally) increase the payment limit. We’re contacting Coinbase to raise this limit but for now our beta period is restricted to daily transactions of $1 by default. If you wish to send larger amounts you will need to change this setting during the auth process.

This first version of the beta already supports some security features including locking the app with a password, securing with Touch ID (where supported), and confirming sending money with 2FA if you have that additional security enabled on Coinbase.

For now we’re focusing on making sure the app is stable and bug free and that you can 1) view transactions as expected, 2) receive money via addresses generated through the app, and 3) send money to other addresses. In subsequent betas we’ll be introducing additional planned features, including exchanging, purchasing and selling, as well as improving the interface.

Every transaction goes through the Coinbase API, so rest assured there is no infrastructure in Quids that can result in lost transactions, but you must observe the usual caveats: only send money to addresses that support the currency you’re sending.

If you’re interested in testing the app out and helping us deliver a first class cryptocurrency manager for your Mac, sign up to updates on our Product Hunt Upcoming page and get your hands on the beta there.

Thanks for helping us get Quids ready for launch,

Red and Hector