Connecting to OpenVPN with Pritunl on Windows

A step-by-step walk through of installing this excellent OpenVPN client on your Windows machine and then connecting to a VPN service such as QuietVPN.

Download Latest Version for Windows

Go to the Pritunl Client site and find the “Download Installer” link for the Windows version.

Run the Installer

Once the download completes, double-click to run the installer. Windows will ask you some security questions to confirm you want to run the installer, so just say “yes” you do.

Once the actual installer comes up, it should look the same as virtually anything else you have ever installed on Windows. Choose that you agree to the terms and proceed through the “Next” buttons on the install wizard as appropriate.

At the end, it should add a shortcut to your desktop and launch the application automatically.

Set Up VPN Connection

Once Pritunl is launched it should look similar to the screen shot above. With a blank black square, since no VPNs have been configured yet. Click on the “Import Profile” button.

It will then ask you to browse for the file. Select the *.ovpn file that you were provided by QuietVPN or other VPN service. That should automatically configure everything for you and that VPN connection should be listed (in a “disconnected” state) in that black window.

Now click on the little “…” menu button to the right of the VPN connection and a fly-out menu should pop up that looks like below.

Click the “Connect” button and then within a few seconds it should confirm that it has connected to the VPN service. At this point you should be all set! All of your outgoing web traffic will be routed through the VPN. You can minimize the Priturl window and go on your way.

If you ever have any trouble with the VPN connection — maybe it is having issues or gets slow or you don’t want to use it for some other reason — just pull up the Priturl window again. Click the “…” button again and thise time choose the “Disconnect” option and you’ll be back to browsing the internet in the clear with the full prying eyes of your internet service provider. :-)

Hope this is easy enough to follow!

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