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Building DAOs with Aragon

A framework to create decentralized autonomous organizations

What is a DAO?

A DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is a Smart Contract-controlled organizational system. Currently, every organization has some sort of hierarchy, with typical top-down decision making. In the future, we can have democratic organizations where rules are created and changes are based on voting. Every function (such as payroll and fund management) can be controlled by Smart Contracts. These types of organizations will be called DAOs: where no single authority will be in control and organizational decisions are powered by Smart Contracts. These types of organizations will be unstoppable.

Organizations that can be spun up instantly, that can’t be shut down by governments, that are resistant to internet censorship, and that allows small groups of people to collaborate effectively.

What is Aragon?

Aragon fulfills this dream and provides tools to build a DAO on top of Ethereum (a Smart Contract blockchain). Aragon provides a full end-to-end framework to build DAOs. Let's understand Aragon’s architecture and different parts of its framework.

  1. Upgradability
  2. Permission Control
  3. Forwarding
aragonPM architecture
Aragon architecture

Understanding Aragon Architecture

In simple terms, Aragon contains multiple components to build a DAO. Aragon is an end-to-end solution, so on front-end side it has aragonUI and aragonClient (which interacts with aragonOS using aragonAPIs). Aragon clients also integrate with aragonApps (voting, payroll).

  • Kernel
  • ACL
  • aragonApps
  • Forwarder and EVMScripts

Wrapping Up

We will stop here today, however you can read more about Aragon’s components and architecture here.

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