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Algorand-Based Tinyman AMM Exploited for $3.5M💰

Events Under the Spotlight

  • Stobox, a technology and consulting company’s $STOX token’s deployer address, which was the same for Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, was compromised resulting in stolen and liquidated funds.
  • MetalandDAO, a project listed on PancakeSwap on BSC, rugged investors for more than 40 wBNB. Stolen funds were swapped for ETH.
  • Bored Bunny, an NFT project that’s collection of 4,999 unique NFTs on OpenSea, rug pulled investors for 2,000 ETH within hours of launch.
  • Later, about 800 ETH were transferred to Binance exchange.
  • Arbix Finance rug pulled investors for more than $10 Million in BUSD, BNB, BTCB, CAKE, USDC, anyUSDT and anyETH.
  • The stolen funds were sent to Ethereum using AnySwap.
  • Tinyman, an Algorand blockchain based trading platform was attacked, that cost the DeFi platform $3.5 Million.
  • The attacker exploited unknown vulnerabilities, also known as 0 dayvulnerabilities in the Tinyman smart contracts.
  • This provided unauthorised access to the platform’s liquidity pools to withdraw tokens which resulted in an increased volatile market aftermath the attack.
  • The hacker burned and swapped Pool Tokens multiple times to steal locked funds off the platform.
  • The Tinyman team later disclosed some information about the hack.
  • Vesper Finance was exploited during beta testing of its new beta Vesper Rari Fuse liquidity pool.
  • The attacker manipulated an oracle to drain $1 Million DAI, ETH, wBTC and USDC from the beta lending pool by using an out-of-market pair of VUSD/USDC.

To the Numerophiles out there 🔢

Google Trends scores for the terms “bitcoin,” “ethereum,” and “cryptocurrency.” Screenshot taken on January 7, 2022.

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