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Altcoin project hacked: 136,000 tokens withdrawn in seconds ⚠️

Events Under the Spotlight

  • IDO projects, namely “HarmonyPAD, HbarPad, MetaPlay, Electrinity, MicroPee and QuizDrop” were rugged on BSC.
  • Total loss — $2.6 Million in 5,744 WBNB.
  • Scammers used infamous Tornado Cash to perform the scam.
  • Solanart is the largest Solana-based NFT marketplace.
  • It listed Big Daddy Ape Club (BDAC), and the project shortly rug pulled the community by ‘secretly’ stealing SOL in the background.
  • BDAC project deleted their social channels but the website is live at the time of writing.
  • According to the intelligence, approximately 9,000 SOL were stolen amounting to $1.2 Million.
  • The scammer wallet was funded using Binance exchange.

LooksRare, a new NFT marketplace, suffered a DDoS attack and went offline.

  • Lympo NFT platform is a sports NFT minting platform by Animoca Brands.
  • The platform suffered a hot wallet security breach with several tokens.
  • The platform lost $18 Million in the native LNT token.
  • According to the official statement, ten hackers managed to gain access to Lympo’s operational hot wallet.
  • After which, they “stole a total of approximately 165.2 million LMT from it.”
  • At the time of writing, ten projects have been compromised.
  • Project’s cold wallets, where the majority of the tokens are stored, remain secured.
  • Subsequently, $LMK token price dropped to 92%.
  • LCX is a centralised cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Recently, it reported that their hot wallets were hacked.
  • The stolen assets include ETH, USDC, LCX, etc.
  • Total loss is $6.5 Million.
  • Due to a vulnerability in the Roco Stake and Farm contracts, the attacker instantly changed the value of the “RocoPerSecond” variable.
  • It was done in the Stake and Farm contract with the bot he created.
  • Hacker obtained tokens by changing and calculating the reward value.
  • He simply transferred the “Total Rewards” balances in the contract.
  • It was stated that the tokens of all ROCO investors and stakers are safe.

DeFi Dollar Finance, a multi-chain DeFi protocol, discovered a potential exploit in the $DUSD smart contract and immediately paused the contracts.

  • Polygon (Previously Matic) Discord server bot was hacked to impersonate the official Matic team.
  • It was done to make a scam announcement to receive a special giveaway from the Matic team.
  • The bot was later fixed.

To the Numerophiles out there 🔢

  • Crypto Security is the Biggest Concern for Institutional Investors.

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