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Fantom-based protocol Fantasm suffers $2.6M exploit🚨

Events Under the Spotlight

Top MLB Insider’s Twitter Account Gets Hacked

  • Jeff Passon’s, an ESPN insider’s Twitter account, was hacked.
  • Passan’s account got taken over by a user trying to promote NFTs.
  • Multiple retweets from an NFT website immediately followed — and everyone knew that Passan had been hacked.

PirateX — an NFT adventure gaming platform was attacked

  • When users deposited tokens in the smart contract, their tokens were routed to an EOA account and,
  • The funds were returned when the users withdrew their tokens.
  • The smart contract will call the Transferfrom function for the same.
  • The attacker made a profit of 212 BNB performing this.

Fantom’s DeFi Fantasm Finance (FSM) Exploited; $2.73M Lost

  • Fantasm Finance, an algorithmic trading platform on the Fantom network’s collateral reserves, was exploited.
  • The hacker exchanged all the profits of $2.73 Million (1,007 ETH) for ETH routing the funds through Tornado Cash.

Tether Shiba Rug Pull

  • Tether Shiba, a meme coin on BSC, rug pulled investors by deleting their social media accounts.

Bacon Protocol Hacked: Reportedly $1M Lost

  • Bacon Protocol, a platform that allows homeowners to mortgage their properties as NFT, suffered a re-entrancy attack in the contract.
  • The attack enabled the attacker to pocket more $bHOME tokens than they should, suffering a total $1 million loss.

To the Numerophiles out there 🔢

  • The report says that trading in NFTs spiked 21,000% to more than $17 billion in 2021.


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