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Hackers Exploit Arbitrum-based Marketplace Treasure: Over 100 NFTs Stolen⚠️

Events Under the Spotlight

Evolution BSC was hacked

  • Evolution BSC is a cross-chain payment ecosystem website.
  • Its front-end was hacked.
  • The hacker redirected the bridge to send funds to a foreign address.
  • The team would compensate affected users.

A fake airdrop in the name of Ukraine donation

  • A fake airdrop scam spoofing the Ukraine donation address was busted.
  • The scammers sent most of the $WORLD tokens to the Ukrainian address and later transferred them to another address.
  • The Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine decided to cancel the airdrop.

Hackers Exploit Arbitrum-based Marketplace Treasure

  • TreasureDAO, an Arbitrum-based NFT marketplace, was exploited.
  • It was done in a series of transactions leading to 100+ NFTs stolen from the marketplace collection.
  • The hack was possible due to a bug in distinguishing ERC721 and ERC1155 by bypassing the payment mechanism.
  • Affected by the hack, the price of MAGIC, TresureDAO token plunged more than 12%.

EarnHubBSC rug pulled investors

  • EarnHubBSC is a high-yield staking platform.
  • It rug pulled investors by deleting the project’s website and Twitter handle.
  • Their Telegram channel remains inaccessible for users.

To the Numerophiles out there 🔢

  • Ukraine to issue non-fungible tokens to fund armed forces.


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