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Hashing Bits, 04th September

Cream Finance — Bilaxy — xToken | Week-36

Flashed Twice- Flash Loans are taking DeFi world by storm!

Cream Finance suffered $18.8M loss due to Flash Loan Attack

Crypto mortgage lending platform Cream Finance was a victim of flash-loan attack worth $18.8M (approx.). The hack occurred due to a re-entrancy vulnerability in the AMP token contract, an ERC-777 alike token.

Crypto Exchange Bilaxy hacked for $21M

Bilaxy, a crypto asset trading exchange’s hot wallet was hacked for 296 tokens including ETH for $21Million.

DeFi protocol hacked for $4.5M — Flash Loan Attack

xToken, a DeFi token protocol suffered a flash-loan attack, also known as lightning loan attack for $4.5Million. The vulnerability existed in the xNSX contract.

Vulnerability Write-ups:

OpenZeppelin Bug Fix Postmortem by Immunefi.

Brief Analysis of Cream Finance Hacked Event by SlowMist team.

Tracking the Stolen Assets from the Liquid Exchange Hacking by Sentinel Protocol Team.

Brief Analysis of the xToken Attack Event by SlowMist team.

DeFi Security:

Smart Contract Security Analysis with Manticore




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