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Hashing Bits, 31st July edition

→ PolyYeld Finance, yield farming protocol on Polygon, was hacked using a contract vulnerability. The hacker minted 4.9 trillion $YELD tokens in PolyYeld’s Masterchef pool, a contract used by yield farms to distribute rewards, and dumped them in the market, resulting in a straight 100% downfall of $YELD tokens to zero.

Vulnerability Writeups:

ETH Router 1 &2 and premature Return to Trading Incident by THORChain.

Security Education:

Cipher Shastra- Blockchain security playground by QuillAudits to enhance blockchain security security skills from CTF challenges.

Security Talk on Unlimited ERC20 Allowance by QuillAudits to adopt the useful practices thus minimizing potential risks.

Safe or Sus? Phishing Scams, Explained! By ChainTuts.

Ethereum’s 5th birthday- Happy 5th Brithday, Ethereum! , https://twitter.com/TimBeiko/status/1420809497195339776



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