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IRA Financial Trust hack: $36M in crypto stolen💰

Events Under the Spotlight

  • After the attack, the team released an official postmortem, of the event. All NFT’s funds are safe.
  • Total 4,809,984 TMT tokens were compromised in the hack.
  • All the tokens at the Dragos, except USDT and ETH, are at the risk due to an exploited vulnerability in the protocol.
  • The attacker successfully took over the organization bypassing a majority vote in the pool.
  • The hacker minted 1,000,000,000 $BUILD tokens.
  • Funds were routed through Tornado Cash.
  • The attacker made a total profit of 4,828.7 BNB.
  • Titano team released an official announcement stating the reimbursement of tokens.
  • The hackers withdrew $21 Million in Bitcoin and $15 Million in Ether from the accounts of IRA Financial Trust.
  • The stolen funds were routed through Tornado Cash.
  • FutureSwap is a decentralized derivatives trading platform.
  • The attacker gained access to the account and transferred the rewards to the hacker-owned wallet on Arbitrum.

To the Numerophiles out there 🔢

  • British authorities just seized NFTs for the first time, in a £1.4 million fraud probe.

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