Linkchain smart contract audit report

Himanshu Chawla
Oct 3, 2018 · 4 min read

We’ve been asked by the Linkchain team to review and audit their new token code.We looked at their contract and now publishing our results.

The Code is located in the linkchain github Repository and the version used for this commit is e09fe43816ff0d260f37664f1fda5298116a099e.

Security Level references

Every issue in this report was assigned a severity level from the following:

High severity issues will probably bring problems and should be fixed

Medium severity issues could potentially bring problems and should eventually be fixed.

Low severity issues are minor details and warnings that can remain unfixed but would be better fixed at some point in the future.

High severity issues:-

  1. No bounty function is present , but tokens for the same is reserved from ico token i.e BOUNTY_TOKENS = 2000000(declared,unused variable) wastage of tokens.

2. You have defined hardcap and softcap in terms of dollars in description and you are taking hard cap and softcap in ether in smart contracts.There must be some ether to dollar conversion mechanism by using oraclize or some manual updation using any function.

3. You are not multiplying totalSupply and other token pool with 10¹⁸ .As all wallets use last 18 digits as decimals for tokens .You must multiply totalSupply and other tokenPool like .

totalSupply = 700000000;



RESERVE_TOKENS = 109013333



TEAM_TOKENS = 141820000




It should be :-

totalSupply = 700000000 * 1 ether;

ADVISOR_TOKENS = 7350000 * 1 ether

STRATEGIC_PARTNERS_TOKENS = 10000000 * 1 ether

RESERVE_TOKENS = 109013333 * 1 ether

OPERATIONS_TOKENS = 3150000 * 1 ether

BOUNTY_TOKENS = 2000000 * 1 ether

TEAM_TOKENS = 141820000 * 1 ether

PRESALE_TOKENS = 56666667 * 1 ether

PRIVATESALE_TOKENS = 100000000 * 1 ether

CROWDSALE_TOKENS = 70000000 * 1 ether

4. Minimum investment price is in terms of USD as provided in description, but in contract it is in terms of ether.

Medium Severity Issues:-

  1. SafeMath library is not used in every mathematical function.

Some variables are declared but not used in program, opcodes are increased hence the gas

Declared, unused variables:




2. You are using setHardCap() and setSoftCap() functions to change the hardcap and softcap after contract deployment which is not a good thing as you are claiming refund to investors if softcap is not reached.

3. “Stage can only increment one by one and has to be changed by owner.” This statement is contradicted with the smart contract, you should check current stage and then increment by one or use conditional statements.

Low Severity Issues

1. Declaration of a variables and function name is not standardised at all. It is very important to use standard style define by solidity style-guide .

2. There is no reserve account as you mention in your deployment steps while deploying constructor of crowdsale also start time end time parameters not present.

3. Function addAddressToWhitelist must have check the current stage of a sale before whitelisting the user as stages can only be forwarded and can’t be reverse, so there is no point to whitelist address who want to participate in already ended sale.

4. Solidity version must be fixed.

It should not pragma solidity ^0.4.24;

It should be pragma solidity 0.4.24;

5. According to standards ,only tokens for sale should be the parts of tokenSale contract and rest of the functionality should be handled in token contract only.

6. You should use view keyword instead of constant in following functions:-

function allowance(address owner, address spender) constant public returns (uint256);

function balanceOf(address who) constant public returns (uint256);

function getStopReceive() constant public returns (bool);

7. Variable and function names should be meaningFul.Some of the variable names are totally meaningless.

For ex: idtotokens does not make any sense.It should be like StageToTokens.If you are calculating number of tokens in every stage of sale.


  1. Constructor of crowdsale must check the argument with require statement, as it will be wastage of gas if wrong arguments is passed.

2. There is no conversion of ether to usd, as you mentioned conversion is dynamic.

3. Contract structure should be nice enough so that community can easily understand it.

4. Code should be properly commented.


These contracts are very unsafe to be used in production.You should review the suggested changes and implement them in smart contract.

We’re available for smart contract development and security auditing work.You can fill this form to get in touch.

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