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Solana Exploit: $50 Million Stolen⚠️

Events Under the Spotlight

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT owner exploited a vulnerability in ApeCoin (APE) smart contract on Ethereum to walk away with USD 380K in profit.
  • The airdrop happened in the initial minutes of the BAYC DAO launch.
  • A collection of 8,888 unique NFTs, MekaVerse Tweeted that their Discord server was hacked.
  • VeVe NFT project notified that their systems were exploited, resulting in more gems being obtained.
  • As a precaution, the market was closed, and collectibles trading was suspended.
  • Cashio, a stablecoin project on Solana, was hacked by exploiting an infinite mint glitch.
  • The Cashio platform experienced a total loss of $52 Million.
  • Samczsun, a white hat hacker, released an event postmortem following the hack.
  • RealSwak rug pulled investors and transferred 1,300 BNB them through Tornado Cash.
  • It resulted in a loss of $531,700 to the investors.
  • The project team deleted their social media handles.
  • OneRing Finance, a stablecoin yield optimizer platform on Fantom network, suffered a flash loan attack that drained 1,454,672.24 USDC from the platform.
  • The contract has been paused, and the team will reimburse the affected users.
  • Umbrella Network is a decentralized layer-2 oracle provider.
  • Its UniSwap on Ethereum and PancakeSwap pools on Binance Chain were compromised by exploiting an unchecked vulnerability in the withdraw() function.
  • The attacker drained $700,000 in the form of LP tokens from the oracle data provider.
  • Li.Finance, enabling DEXs, dApps, and wallets with cross-chain swaps suffered an attack on its smart contracts.
  • The attacker was able to extract varying amounts of 10 different tokens from wallets that had given “infinite approval” to the Li Finance protocol.

To the Numerophiles out there 🔢

  • Spotify, the latest tech giant to support NFTs?

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