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World’s largest NFT marketplace OpenSea hacked, users lost NFTs🌊

Events Under the Spotlight

  • Liquidity was removed just after three hours of the launch of the genesis pool.
  • The developers of Web3Memes token, a meme coin on BSC rug, pulled investors for 625 BNB or $235,000.
  • The funds were routed through Tornado Cash.
  • Flurry Finance, an automatic yield generation protocol’s vault contracts, were exploited, leading to a loss of $293k.
  • The attacker deployed a malicious smart contract and created a PancakeSwap pair with BUSD.
  • The team has paused all smart contracts on BSC and Polygon.
  • OpneSea, World’s largest NFT marketplace, is investigating a phishing attack on its users.
  • The attack resulted in the theft of hundreds of NFTs worth $1.7 Million, targetting 32 users in total.
  • 254 tokens were stolen in the attack, including $MANA and Bored Ape Yacht Club.
  • The attacker appears to have exploited a vulnerability in Wyvern Protocol, the underlying open-source standard for most NFT smart contracts, including that made on OpenSea.
  • The total locked amount in the project is $800K.
  • Users were asked to revoke permissions immediately.

To the Numerophiles out there 🔢

  • What are the four most popular NFT trends in 2022?

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