A brand love affair

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2 min readFeb 22, 2023

Machine Writing: Quilt & Create’s AI generates fast, intelligent copy for moments in life when words don’t come easy. This time, it creates unique dating profile bios for our favorite brands.

If you think about it, making a dating profile is a lot like brand marketing … yourself.

You need a profile that stands out and piques interest from eligible eyeballs.

You need the right balance of personality in your bio and attractiveness in your photos to stop fickle fingers in their tracks.

Whether you’re crafting an illusion or baring your soul, the goal of any great dating profile is creating connection.

And if we really get into that brand marketing metaphor - it’s all about connecting with the right target audience that results in increased engagement and loyalty.

The truth of the matter is that the dynamics of dating and brand marketing are both rooted in the same basic principles of relationship-building.

Here are some tips to get better at doing both:

  1. Know who your audience is and how to draw them in. Make an effort to curate visuals and craft compelling messages that will resonate with them.
  2. In the face of stiff competition, showcasing your unique strengths and qualities will help you stand out. Highlight what makes you special!
  3. Be consistent. Consistency helps to tell your story better and lets people know who you are and what to expect. Keep your profile up-to-date and consistent with who you are.

Now to take it a step further, what if brands really did have dating profiles?

We took 3 strong and very different brands (Walgreen’s, Van’s, Tiffany & Co.) and got Quilt & Create’s AI writing powers to spin up some choice lines for their dating profiles.

Which one gets your right swipe?

Dating profile for Walgreen’s
Dating profile for Van’s
Dating profile for Tiffany & Co.

Now’s your turn to try Quilt & Create — tell it about your brand or product and get a flow of targeted ideas generated through machine learning.




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