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A Brief Breakdown of the RENAISSANCE Twitter Reaction

RENAISSANCE is finally here! Beyoncé’s seventh studio album released on July 29th, and if the Twitter response is any indication, it’s clearly been met with enormous hype:

The anticipation for the album was unmistakable, but the reception has perhaps been even more astounding. Fans came out in droves to react to the album as soon as it was released. It comes as no surprise that everyone absolutely loved it:

It seems like Beyoncé has done it again with RENAISSANCE. Twitter was overwhelmingly positive on the album, and it hit number one on dozens of Itunes charts almost immediately after its release.

Fans heaped plenty of praise upon the new album, but many comments focused on a few songs in particular:

These two songs definitely stood apart from the pack for RENAISSANCE’s twitter reaction, but the whole album also got rave reviews. The emotions behind these positive reactions were definitely a little confounding, though:

While Joy is an intuitive emotion to associate with an album you love, Sadness and Anger don’t usually come alongside such high praise.

But we have to remember that Beyoncé fans aren’t normal fans. The number one hashtag we found in posts was, unsurprisingly, #BEYHIVE.

The Beyhive isn’t your average fanbase. These Beyoncé super fans often sound a bit angry when they talk about their favorite singer, in part because they feel that a certain song or album deserves a bit more respect:

Other times, the Beyhive is so emotional over Beyoncé’s music that they start to get a little overwhelmed:

It’s no wonder that Anger and Sadness were so highly represented in Tweets about RENAISSANCE when fans care this fiercely about Beyoncé. Perhaps these super fans are the reason that the 😭 emoji is the most popular by far — more represented in tweets than the next three leading emojis, COMBINED.

Regardless of how passionately some fans care about the album, it’s clear that it is already loved. Beyoncé is back, and as good as ever.

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