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A neural music composer that’s bringing happiness back

Dreamthink: AI-powered idea generator Quilt & Create brings figments of imagination to life and inspires you to create your own big ideas.

Music has been proven to have profound effects on our psychological well-being and cognitive functions.

A worldwide survey conducted by the IFPI showed the immense influence that music had on respondents across 21 countries — 87% said it gave them happiness and enjoyment, helping their emotional well-being especially during the pandemic. Researchers have also discovered music’s potential to reduce anxiety, pain and depression.

With World Mental Health Day falling on the 10th of this month and the theme being ‘make mental health and wellbeing for all a global priority’, we imagined an AI-powered music therapy that could be personalized and accessible to all.

We gave Quilt & Create a brief description and used its product ideation mode to dream up the rest:

Input a description for Quilt & Create and get AI-generated ideas for product names, product descriptions and marketing copy

Tell Quilt & Create about your idea, brand or product get an endless flow of natural, targeted copy through machine learning.



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