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A slogan for every season: The business of hyper-personalization

Machine Writing: Quilt & Create’s AI generates fast, intelligent copy for moments in life when words don’t come easy. Try it for free! This time, it creates personalized slogans for consumers of varying vibes.

In a world rife with big data, consumers are no longer simplistically defined by monolithic segments. We’ve long learnt that they are nuanced and layered, with unique and distinct preferences.

This data gives retailers a deeper understanding of their audiences and the ability to develop hyper-personalized marketing to resonate with them on a personal level. Communications and products tailored to individual needs let consumers find exactly what they want and make them more likely to purchase.

Hyper-personalization in the retail industry often uses technology and data to create highly customized shopping experiences for customers. This includes personalized product recommendations or targeted campaigns with varied messaging for each consumer, from “outdoor enthusiasts” to “family-oriented suburbanites”.

An AI writing tool like Quilt & Create can help to speed up the creative process of personalization considerably. It generates a wide range of ideas with different tones, letting marketers produce and test various types of messaging quickly.

We gave it a beauty product prompt to test its versatility in writing personalized slogans for customers of varying vibes:

Here are the ideas it came up with, with one for every skincare user:

Now’s your turn to try Quilt & Create — tell it about your brand or product and get a flow of targeted ideas generated through machine learning.



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