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An occupational guide to internet fame

Dreamthink: AI-powered idea generator Quilt & Create brings figments of imagination to life and inspires you to create your own big ideas.

Move over, astronauts, “influencer” is now one of the top dream jobs for the next generation. In a survey by Adobe, close to half of Gen Z and millennials aspired to make a living from content creation.

This billion dollar market has given the power back to the people — just about anyone can make it big with the right amount of creativity, nerve, and tenacity to keep on keeping up with social media.

In the spirit of things, Quilt & Create spun up some product concepts to position and brand an imaginary influencer, @eatcake.

Try it out with your own personal brand. With its endless supply of marketing prose, you’ll never run out of cute bio ideas.

Tell Quilt & Create about your idea, brand or product get an endless flow of natural, targeted copy through machine learning.



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