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August 2022 Newsletter

Insightful August

July was kinda cool (weather-wise, maybe not). We did take a few virtual tours to some stunning destinations, decided to analyze the comeback trail of Obi-Wan Kenobi (IYKYK), and tried to understand how NFTs are being utilized in the F&B industry. No biggie, you know. Oh, and Sagittarians rejoice; we have something for you too. Check out some new features we have added to our incredible AI platform, Sphere!

Take a look at what we were up to in the past month:

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Travel Series

Take a quick trip with us to these hidden beauties around the world:

Do more with the power of AI

Our AI tool, Sphere, has been updated with new analytics to make your insights more powerful.


Subculture and Aesthetics Detection analysis dives beyond general semiotics analysis to uncover cultural vibes behind images and labels them culturally accurate subculture names, such as E-girl or shabby chic.

Unsupervised Image and Text classifier

Instead of having Sphere classify your text or image data with its current analytic labels like Joy, Sadness, or National Pride, Unsupervised Image and Text Classifier lets you put your own labels on the data, whether it’s by unique brand values or distinct audience traits.

Trends Work

Jai ho — India in the CWG 2022!

We used our Culture AI to analyze online behavior on Twitter regarding India’s performance in the ongoing Commonwealth Games 2022. In terms of text emotion, there was 89.05% of joy, followed by 5.71% optimism expressed in the tweets.

There was also 4.29% sadness expressed in tweets which could be down to the fact that India missed out on the Gold but only managed Silver and Bronze in a few competitions. In terms of Cultural Concepts analysis, ‘national pride’ had the most number of counts, which is understandable.

Wakanda Forever

Marvel Studios unveiled the first teaser of “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” to fans at Comic-Con and set the Internet on fire, hitting YouTube’s top 20 trending videos in just under three weeks. Sentiments in the video comments were generally positive, with 87.5% of people expressing excitement about the upcoming release.

Viewers also noted that the movie seemed to have done justice to the late Chadwick Boseman, who played Black Panther, and the powerful words from Queen Ramonda that were shown in the trailer tore their heartstrings.

The 2-minute long video was emotional and visually stunning while revealing very little about the storyline, everything a good teaser should be.

Keeping Cool

This summer has seen record-setting heat waves across much of Europe, North America, and China. Internet users came out in droves to react to the heat, with more than 31,000 tweets made with the keyword “heat wave” from May through July.

Despite the dangers posed by this extreme heat, people have found ways to make the most of a bad situation.

More than 90% of Instagram posts took a positive spin on the heat wave.”Ice Cream” was the number one phrase detected by our AI tools in Instagram posts about the heat wave, and dogs were the number one object detected. Still, many more users took the opportunity to discuss the environmental ramifications of this heatwave and the causes behind it. There were more than 200,000 tweets about climate change made in the last three months alone.

Quilt & Create

We hope our #TipOfTheWeek has helped in making your Quilt & Create journey a bit easier. We don’t really like blowing our own trumpet, but we are a bit more unique than others.

How? Well, our tool not only helps you with AI-generated ad copies, slogans, product descriptions, and social content ideas BUT also with product ideation, developing product concepts, and value propositions.

Quite the package, eh? Start your journey now!

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