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Fighting Fire with Data: Using Technology to Combat Climate Change

Data from the internet can provide valuable insights into people’s attitudes and behaviors towards climate change. Some examples of insights that can be gleaned from online data include:

This type of data helps organizations understand people’s attitudes and behaviors toward climate change and how to drive them toward climate action. By using our AI technologies, it is possible to analyze large volumes of online data and monitor trends in real-time to make strategic decisions about programs or communication strategies.

We are leveraging our AI technologies with new partnerships that amplify social good. The SOAS Centre for AI Futures, launched in partnership with the School of Oriental and African Studies, Quilt.AI, and the Helsinki Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities, will focus on developing AI-powered research initiatives and data-driven methodological innovation with the goal of integrating artificial intelligence into everyday work.

With Quilt.AI’s experience in interpreting the internet, we aim to offer our expertise to help rethink the production of knowledge on AI and the purpose of doing so.

Search engine data uncovers truths

“what is sustainable tourism”


“conséquences du réchauffement climatique”

These are some of the 17.2 million searches the French made around Climate Change in the past 3 years.

Search data provides valuable insights into public attitudes and behavior when it comes to climate change. By analyzing search queries, the sites consumers visit, and the content they engage with, we can gain a better understanding of their interests, concerns, and actions related to the environment.

This information can help climate change activists and organizations identify emerging trends, understand the climate change movement, and develop strategies to engage and mobilize the public. Search data can also provide valuable insights into consumer behavior, allowing activists to tailor their messaging and campaigns to address the specific needs and desires of different audiences.

Check out how we did this with our partner, Komons in our report around climate change discourse in the French digital landscape.

Data across multiple sources piece together the full story

In order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the public’s attitudes and behavior toward climate change, it is essential to analyze data from a variety of sources.

Combining data from these different sources allows us to piece together a full picture of the public’s attitudes and behaviors related to climate change.

Cultural AI models translate data into actionable insights

From sentiment analysis to audience segments to everyday experience, we have AI models that can analyze large datasets and pull out insights that matter to your business decisions. Our continuous innovation in this area ensures that you have access to expert technology without the complexities. These models can be applied to any text and image data that you have, enabling you to combine insights from the internet and your existing data to build your strategy.

Check out how we combined both offline and online sources with AI models to provide actionable outcomes through Quilt.AI’s in-house A Climate Dashboard and Communication Tool.

Especially with the rapidly growing population gaining access online, it’s important that we access the internet to get an understanding of peoples’ thoughts and feelings, utilize AI to paint a clearer picture of the issues and then take the best, most informed course of action.

Reach out to us at anurag.banerjee@quilt.ai to learn how we can interpret online data and build actionable strategies for you.



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