Imagined Impact: Generative AI redesigns urban life

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2 min readApr 20, 2023

Imagined Impact: Explore the potential of generative AI writer Quilt & Create to ideate actionable solutions for purposeful, sustainable change.

# alternative futures created by generative AI

The past decades have brought a seismic shift in the way we live. More than half of the world’s population now resides in cities, with that number expected to climb to 68 percent by 2050. Urbanization has become the standard way of life, transforming our societies in countless ways.

But massive change often comes with great consequences and it’s no secret that cities are taking a major toll on our planet. They are responsible for 70 percent of global waste and consume almost 80 percent of the world’s energy. As rapid urbanization continues, the consequences of our unsustainable habits will grow.

The silver lining of this sobering reality is the rise of sustainable innovations that attempt to redesign the way we live. From urban reforestation to decentralised urban planning that places amenities within walking distance, there have been countless movements to rethink urban consumption, transportation and infrastructure.

By leveraging the power of generative AI, specifically Quilt & Create, we expanded on our nascent ideas for alternative ways of living. The platform’s rapid brainstorming capabilities generated a diverse range of avenues to explore, uncovering some unique solutions and positioning.

One standout feature is the value proposition mode, which generates specific features and benefits that set your concept apart. This helps to accelerate your search for solutions and streamline the development process.

Try out these prompts to rethink the world:

Future Commute is a movement encouraging a more sustainable way to travel around your city. It recommends ways to get to work, school and home with the lowest carbon footprint.

Future Build is a movement promoting sustainable building materials in construction of homes, offices and public buildings. This includes using solar tiles on roofs, mycelium walls instead of concrete, and paper insulation instead of chemicals.

Future Wear is a movement reducing the environmental impact of leather production. It encourages sustainable alternatives like cacti, pineapple leaves, and mycelium to produce wearable and functional apparel and accessories.

Here are the ideas that the AI dreamed up:

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