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Talking to Young Men About Sexual & Reproductive Health & Rights

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Understanding Young Men and Their Ideas of Masculinity

In order to effectively engage with young men, it is important to understand their ideas and perspectives on masculinity. “Men” cannot be classified as a homogenous group. Male privilege and expressions of masculinity can vary based on socio-economic background, sexuality, geographic location, age-group, etc.

Engaging Young Men (Offline & Online)

A 2012 UNICEF Report Card on Adolescents found that 57% of male adolescents (15–19 years) justify violence against women. Another report by UN Women (APAC) states that 50% of men will use physical violence and approx. 58 million of these men have raped or will grow up to rape. And yet, fewer than 5% of organizations of the 100 organizations in India that are working to end violence against women surveyed by ECF engage with men (some of these include The YP Foundation, Centre for Health and Social Justice, Halo Medical Foundation, MAVA, etc.).

Triggering Behaviour Change Through Digital Marketing

At Quilt.AI, we studied the digital ecosystem to gain a deeper understanding of the perceptions and behavior of adolescent boys online. Based on this, we devised behavior change strategies, or ‘nudges’, for online interventions to influence their attitudes and behavior towards safe sex, objectification of women, and an overall reduction of misogyny and entitlement.

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