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To Flush and Forget?

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What is Fecal Sludge Management and Why Should We Care?

The Faecal Sludge Management Process

The Cleaner, the Healthier

More People are Seeking Solutions

Word Cloud of Searches

YouTube — The Sanitation Destination for Solutions!

  1. Sharing advice on how to properly manage waste (e.g. building a composting toilet to applying for a toilet)
  2. Interventionist/activist messages that signal an understanding that it requires a community effort for change
  3. People can be an extension of organizations’ or governments’ work in promoting proper FSM methods

Personalising the Problem Can Work

Examples of personalised ads

Our Recommendations

  1. Raise awareness by linking the issue to the “person” and framing it as a neighborhood/home problem (e.g. Did you know poop remains in other parts of your house? Learn more on keeping your loved ones clean and healthy)
  2. Build messages in between the private and public spheres of influence in the FSM process — containing human waste (e.g. toilets) and emptying the system (e.g. Keep your toilets from clogging and house from smelling — find out what happens after you flush)
  3. Place solutions in the hands of people through more Do-It-Yourself content that incorporates localised solutions (e.g. 5 eco-friendly solutions to stop feces from ending up in your food).



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