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Travel Tuesdays With Quilt: A 36-Hour Virtual Visit to Split

Croatia’s second-largest city and home to a retirement palace that could very well belong to the Game of Thrones set, Split is a great summer destination for anyone wanting to explore Eastern Europe beyond the usual trail. Charming buildings, great food, and right by the coast…. we can’t wait to visit it in person. Until then, we turned to our Culture AI to find out what to expect.

The top colors detected from Instagram posts from Split showcase hues of sienna, brown, and tan (think Venetian-style buildings) with a hint of steel blue and slate grey (thanks to the stunning coast). The top experience detected was ‘foodie adventure,’ reiterating the plethora of gourmet restaurants and food options in Split.

Drawing from blogs, YouTube videos, and Instagram posts, we curated a 36-hour itinerary for Split inspired by the New York Times.

36 Hours in Split


10 AM: Visit the Cathedral and Bell Tower of Saint Domnius
A 305 A.D. cathedral with one of the world’s oldest structures, the Cathedral and Bell Tower of Saint Domnius is one of the best places to start your 36-hour tour of Split. Originally a mausoleum of an emperor who persecuted Christians, it was converted into a Catholic cathedral dedicated to one of his victims. The complex also has a Romanesque bell tower that offers the best city views.

1 PM: Lunch at Fabrique
Order the BBQ plate, beef salad, or one of their signature pizzas with a side of beer and you’re good to go!

3 PM: Enter Medieval Era at Peristyle
The city’s main square and the most important landmark of Emperor Diocletian’s Palace, Peristyle is where you can find ancient Roman architecture and Egyptian Sphinx statues brought from Egypt by the emperor. Immerse yourself in the history of Split and transport yourself to the medieval era.

5 PM: Drop by the Emperor’s Palace
Split is built around Diocletian’s Palace - a fortified retirement palace constructed for Emperor Diocletian in the 3rd century. Walk through the Brass Gates to enter Split’s waterfront promenade, explore Old Town Hall, Fruit Square, Pjaca, or People’s Square, and take in the beauty of the Venetian architecture around you.

7 PM: Dinner at a Food and Wine Bar
End the day on a scrumptious note at Zinfandel Food and Wine Bar. They have a great selection of local Croatian wines, live music, vegetarian and vegan options, and overall great food! Get the duck risotto and enjoy your evening!


8 AM: Explore Krka National Park
Wake up early to visit Krka National Park. With 7 stunning waterfalls, a natural trail, and the Krka Monastery waiting to be explored, you won’t be disappointed. The Skradinski Buk is the park’s most famous set of waterfalls and makes for an excellent location to take a dip in the water!

12 PM: The Venetian buildings of Trogir
Head to the quaint little town of Trogir along the coast north of Split. Known for its Venetian-style buildings and yacht-lined waterfront, it makes for a great day trip.

1 PM: Lunch at Vanjaka
Stop for lunch at Vanjaka, “an oasis of calm in manic Trojir” as one TripAdvisor reviewer puts it. They’re known for their local Croatian dishes, seafood, and other European favorites. Their seabass and gnocchi come highly recommended!

3 PM: A Mid-15th Century Castle
The Kamerlengo Castle dates back to the mid-15th century and regularly hosts performances in the summer. Walk along the water and enjoy the spectacular views of the castle and Old Town.

5.30 PM: Sunset stroll at Rozac beach
Take an evening stroll at Rozac beach and watch the sun go down. Rent a pedal boat, try parasailing, or sit back and enjoy the panoramic views of the sea with a drink. You can also grab a bit at one of the seaside restaurants to end the trip on a delicious note.


How to get there
Several low-cost airlines have direct flights to Split from various parts of Europe and the United Kingdom. If you’re coming from Italy, you can take a ferry from the Italian Adriatic coast. It is also accessible by road from Zagreb and other parts of Croatia.

Places to stay
Luxury travelers can opt for Hotel Park Split by Bačvice Beach while a mid-range budget can get you a room at Rooms Tomic, a charming boutique guesthouse in Old Town. Backpackers can check in to Old Town Hostel Split.

When to go
Summer is the best time to visit Split, especially the months of May, September, and October when the weather is great and yet it’s not peak tourist season.

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