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Understanding America’s Generation Z: 3 fast-growing trends

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Categorising the Concepts

To visualise the different concepts, we plotted them along axes of individualism and familiarity. Along the axis of Individualism, we have on one end concepts that are related to honing the Self, setting oneself apart from the pack. On the other hand, we have concepts focused on the community, in which Gen Zers celebrate being part of something bigger.


Which are the fastest growing concepts?

Based on our analysis, we see that the top three fastest growing concepts are ‘Uniquely Common’, ‘Civic Engagement’ and ‘Made for Me’, at rates of 759%, 229% and 210% respectively.

Uniquely Common: the era of e-girls and e-boys

Being alt is in. We see that Generation Z people commit to being part of the subcultures they identify with, not toning down their demonstrations of group belonging for fears of a particular subculture being considered ‘uncool’. This means emulating the aesthetics and linguistic quirks of subcultures they choose to belong to.

Civic Engagement: A greater sociopolitical consciousness

Undeterred — and perhaps even spurred on — by their youthfulness, Gen Zs want to lend their voice to broader ideas and causes. This has resulted in online and offline activism. In the sociopolitical sphere, this translates to attending protests for the environment, rallies for human rights, and online, micro-debates in the form of twitter reply threads, reddit submissions and instagram comments.

Made for Me: It’s all about Custom

Our research has shown us that Generation Z increasingly values customisation. They want the ability to have deciding power and hence a hand in making their own products and experiences distinctively theirs.This manifests in a love for customisable shoes, personalised fitness plans and beauty boxes. This manifests in a love for customisable shoes, personalised fitness plans and beauty boxes.



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