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Young People’s Attitudes Towards Family Planning in North India

Photo by Pradeep Ranjan on Unsplash

General Attitudes Towards Family Planning and Related Online Behavior

With the help of our Culture AI, we crunched 5,000,000 searches, 20,000 data points from 4 social platforms, and 1,200 news articles and blogs to understand the stated and unstated behavior of Indian youth on the Internet. We found that each online platform has its own unique skew based on topics of interest (related to family planning) and forms of engagement.

Graph showing the percentage breakdown of interest in family planning on Google Search

Rational Skeptics to Traditional Conformists, 8 Distinct Profiles Based on Online Behaviour

We found 8 distinct profile clusters in the digital behavior data related to family planning:

“Nudging” Attitudes and Behavior Through Digital Interventions

Traditionally, behavior change interventions arrive at a single message or call to action for all, treating its stakeholders as a homogenous group. We believe that packaging our message to appeal to each distinct audience profile is key. This, combined with a disruptive scale (imagine hundreds of strategically-tailored content delivered to each person in our target population every day), has tremendous transformative potential.



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