Welcome to our new RocketReach.co Blog — Quindar!

You may be asking yourself, why Quindar? Well, if you aren’t familiar with the term — let us explain.

Quindar Tones were high pitched beeps that you’d hear on voice communications during space missions such as Apollo 11.

#Nerdery ahead: There were two beeps — one called an “intro” (@2575 Hz) and a lower pitched “outro” (@2475 Hz). And as the name suggests, the beeps would be used to mark the beginning and end of a transmission. Voice Communications during Apollo functioned somewhat like a super-long-distance walkie talkie, except instead of saying “hello” and “over and out”, you’d send the “intro” and “outro” beeps.

You can even hear them on the Apollo 11 moonwalk video, as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin hoist the U.S flag on the moon:

That’s pretty cool, but where does RocketReach come in to play here?

Well, Amit’s first engineering job was with a company called InMarsat which makes satellites used for voice and data communications. If you’ve ever made a phone call from a cruise ship, that call went through an InMarSat Satellite.

That experience is behind the genesis of the name RocketReach, and also behind our pretty unhealthy obsession with early space exploration tech.

So Quindar, we think, is a pretty good name for a RocketReach.co blog — our channel to communicate with the world.

Space talk aside, we will also be posting lots of helpful tips and tricks for prospecting smarter and faster, so stay tuned- there’s much more to come!

PS: We think the fact that the Apollo team was able to put humans on the moon, at a time when computers, less powerful than your phone would take up an entire room, is a truly remarkable achievement. For information on supporting efforts to restore the historic Houston Space Center (as in “Houston we have a problem”) to it’s former glory, please visit this link.