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1 min readMay 10, 2022


A woman in a white dress, diving close under the water surface, looking down, dark long hair is covering her face. On the ground are mannequins arranged as if they were a couple — but many of them.
Photo by loli mass on Unsplash

Each time your life calls
for a drowning in the sea
you reach out to your food shelves
to get a glass of olives
to feed your craving for
bitterness and salt

If I asked you to swim
would you come with me?

Each time you reach out
you see stuff sitting on the shelves
staring at you blankly
until you realise
it’s been years
of you looking at it
and it looking back at you

If I asked you to dive
would you help me?

Unseen by your eyes blinded
by that craving for the waves
for salty water to enter your lungs
washing away all shabby remains
from the inside, at all cost
until you choke of relief

If I asked you to let go
would you let me?

Just let me stay here
with all noise fading to nothing
until my heart and lungs stop fighting
and dream of olives
until that fades, too

until I fade, too.



Gianna Brachetti🐙Truskawa

Interntl. SEO Expert by day. Flatmate of an octopus & amateur poet by night. Non-binary. Tends to prefer music over people at times. ʎ|y