Gianna Brachetti🐙Truskawa
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1 min readMay 10, 2020


There’s a raindrop caught in your eyelashes

Photo by James Lee on Unsplash

I want to be ~
~ the graffiti tattooed into your eyelids
~ the moan that became your tinnitus
~ the name that became your moan

Surrender to ~
~ the one you unashamedly expose your most clandestine dreams to
~ the realm where you can be priest, kitten, or whore
~ the earthquake shaking your knees until you plunge into me

May you find riots and rest in ~
~ the one delicately plucking your shell apart like rose petals
~ the tsunami washing your heart’s intestines ashore
~ the reason you fall and rise so hard you forget all your troubles (and your name)

For this empire holds ~
~ the reason you lose your past and shame
~ the opiate lullaby in your veins finally granting you sleep
~ your Quing.



Gianna Brachetti🐙Truskawa

Interntl. SEO Expert by day. Flatmate of an octopus & amateur poet by night. Non-binary. Tends to prefer music over people at times. ʎ|y