Our Quiqstream over the City of London

Empowering anybody to compete against e-commerce giants

Being where we are now, it’s hard to believe that this time, 3 years ago, we began our adventure set up from our CTO’s living room in South West London. Today, we continue to serve +800% consumers year on year and our key partnerships with Whole Foods Market, Burger King, and more, are showing massive growth for our business services too.

As five founders, we collectively decided to quit our jobs with one big vision — to give people back their time. We dreamed of a world where anything could be picked up on-demand and businesses could easily fulfil this growing need from their customers.

Since then, we set ourselves an ultimate goal — to connect the global demand and supply of on-demand logistics.

If someone needs something transported and someone to do it, we will be there connecting the two. Unlike other players, we are on a mission to disrupt the future of retail commerce. Cutting the traditional logistic chain that separates organisations from their customers. We are not a marketplace, like Amazon or Alibaba, we are building an infrastructure that fulfils the needs of consumers and businesses.

Quiqup is connecting demand and supply of on-demand logistics with our network of independent Quiqees

Fede, my friend, co-founder and head of Comms at Quiqup is always telling me that

“Businesses want to go multichannel, but they have no time, money, or expertise”.

With Quiqup, we give them the tools to compete with e-commerce giants, making on-demand logistics accessible and efficient to everyone.

Having been in the industry for 3 years, there is an evident growing demand for reliable and timely online delivery services. Quiqup is providing the solution by creating an infrastructure that revolves around killer in-house tech, a fleet of over 1600 independent Quiqees and 70+ entrepreneurs. You can imagine how hard is to manage one of the biggest fleets in London — hats off to our Ops manager and co-founder Rami who runs the process seamlessly everyday!

Our infrastructure relies on three pillars: technology, Quiqees and a passionate team.

We began this journey with the launch of our iOS consumer app in December 2014. Users loved it. We had thousands of pickups ranging from hangover cures from the local pharmacy to forgotten iPads down to LHR runway.

Our business model has since evolved (we are a startup after all) and since Amazon launched Prime Now in London, more and more enterprise retailers began expressing interest in our business offering. And when we signed the giant Whole Foods Market and made them the first on-demand grocery retailer in Europe I had an “Aha” moment. It was last May when we took the strategic decision to exploit an extra stream. A much steeper and more profitable growth path, the business to business services.

We set up this blog to bring you our vision ahead of commercial releases, so if there’s anything in particular you want to know about, be sure to hit us up with a request.

In the next post, Tim (Co-founder and Head of product) and Danny (Co-founder and CTO) will tell you more about our services supported by our cutting-edge tech.

Bassel, CEO & Co-founder