Keeping your Easter chocolatey, cool and convenient

Quiqee Easter Eggs

Easter is on the horizon, and for many of us this means exploring the possibilities of how we can spend our Easter weekend, and contemplating just how much chocolate is too much? Meanwhile, our elite squad of Quiqees will be battling on the front line, exceeding our expectations and living up to their reputations as everyday heroes.

Here at Quiqup we don’t take such noble actions for granted, which is why we believe in rewarding our Quiqees for their efforts and dedication in providing stellar efficiency and service.

“We just wanted to thank our Quiqees, and nothing does that quite like chocolate!” — Nic, Community Manager

This Easter weekend, we are working with 10 of our Business Partners to surprise our Quiqees with Easter eggs when they arrive to pickup items for our customers. After all, we owe it to them for helping make Quiqup the company that it is today.

Making your Easter cooler with Four Winters

Our Partner, Four Winters, invited us down to their Gloucester Road store to go behind the scenes and see how their new Easter colourful cones are created, as well as their famous liquid nitrogen ice cream.

“Our fresh waffle cones, available in orange, pink and green are all naturally coloured and available until 24th April!” — Tala, Four Winters
The making of their ice cream is a real mix of science and art

We made a short video of the all the action from that day, check it out on our YouTube channel while our Quiqees pickup the real deal for you to try!

Your Easter essentials, on-demand

As we all know, time is precious and sometimes life gets in the way. Maybe you didn’t have enough time to get that perfect gift for someone special, the quintessential bottle of wine to accompany Easter dinner with the family, or the array of chocolate eggs to indulge in over the weekend. Fortunately you have the ability to let us take those problems off your hands.

To make matters even easier, here we have created a list of venues providing all of those Easter Essentials, allowing you to get them hand-delivered to you on-demand, when you need them the most.

Phil, Content Executive

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