Meet our Quiqees: Zoë, the aspiring writer and Depop selling superstar

Welcome to the second edition of our “Meet our Quiqees” feature! This month we invited another one of our lovely Quiqees into HQ for a chat and to see how Quiqee life is treating them. So without further ado, everyone, Meet Zoë…

Working as a Quiqee allows Zoë the freedom to earn money whilst being a student

As an aspiring creative writer studying her craft at Goldsmiths University, Zoë has found unexpected inspiration from the people she meets on her Quiqup missions. As a casual Quiqee who fits in work around her studies, Zoë relishes the independence of the role and finds each and every mission as intriguing as the next.

Why did you decide to join Quiqup?

My housemate worked as a Quiqee last year. She used to get really excited about it and it sounded really fun but I wasn’t confident enough on a bicycle to do it. Then I moved house and began riding to university every day and I got more confident on a bicycle. Now I’m planning on cycling to Paris haha! Quiqup is a good way of training for the Paris trip whilst also earning money.

What is your most memorable pickup?

I can’t think of anything in particular. For me every pickup can be exciting even when its not supposed to be. You can tell a lot about someone from their shopping, its quite a personal act. All I have is a name and a list and I start to wonder who the customer is. It’s not until I meet them and have a tiny interaction that all is revealed.

What do you want to do in the future?

I want to be a writer. That’s why I’m just trying to live as much as possible right now — so I have lots of things to talk about in the future. Working with Quiqup is great inspiration. I meet a lot of people, albeit for a brief moment, and get a small peek into the different characters out there.

Zoë’s Depop shop has more than 6,000 followers!

I remember you telling me you like to sell clothes in your spare time, hows that going?

Haha yeah I still use Depop — there is a social media element to the app which is cool and makes it different from eBay. I wouldn’t say I go out of my way to buy things to sell because most of the stuff I would wear myself. I usually just go to Deptford Market and have a browse, sometimes you can find some good stuff!

Whats the best thing you ever sold?

I bought a Calvin Klein denim skirt for £3. I had it for about 3 hours before I sold it for £60! I think thats definitely the best bit of business I’ve done.

Thanks Zoë — I think that’s my cue to check my wardrobe for some old designer clothes!

As always its great to hear the motivations and hobbies of our Quiqees and next month we’ll share another great story with you.

Nic, Community Manager