Quine has evolved into Quira 🦍🚶

Rodrigo M.S.
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3 min readJun 27, 2024

Today marks a significant milestone in our journey — we are thrilled to announce that Quine has evolved into Quira (/ˈkiːrə/ or “KEEH-rah”). The timing for this change couldn’t be more significant. Over the last few months, our company has undergone deep and significant changes in our team, product, and strategy. These developments have led us to adopt a new identity that mirrors these transformations. This week not only marks a key chapter in our history, but also reinforces our dedication to changing the way developers monetize their skills, time, and reputation.

What? QUINE is evolving!

Reaffirming our commitment

Our core mission remains the same: to help developers make as much money as possible form their work, time, and reputation. Echoing Stripe’s vision, we aim to maximise the GDP of software creators. Our approach to do this is and will continue to be heavily data-driven and centred around the concept of experience quantification.

To reaffirm our present commitment, it’s essential to recall our origins. Our journey began years ago when we first took on the challenge of measuring developer experience from open source contributions. Little did we know, this endeavour would lead us down a rabbit hole into some unexplored territory. It turns out that quantifying experience from code is intricately linked with a number of other exciting problems, such as evaluating the significance of open-source contributions, assessing the reputation of developers, matching developers to tasks, classifying code content, among others. Even though all of these problems are interrelated, each of them represents unique challenges in terms of data, computation, and modelling. Over the past few years, we’ve focused on modelling these problems in a rigorous way. Our efforts have now come together in our Quests products, which use these models to efficiently deploy financial and reputational bounties for the beneift of our partners and our userbase.

Through Quests, we have introduced two novel incentive mechanisms tailored for the open-source community. On the one hand, Creator Quests, reminiscent of a decentralised hackathon that operates 24/7, incentivises the creation of open-source content that drives user acquisition for dev-tools and OSS organisations. On the other hand, Solver Quests enables organisations to price issues in open-source projects to accelerate the speed of delivery or build community. Our Quests products are the cornerstone of achieving our mission, and we will continue to invest heavily in them.

Looking ahead

Exciting things are coming for Quira. We don’t want to throw all the spoilers just yet, but we’re working tirelessly to elevate Quests to entirely new levels. In the upcoming quarters, we will embrace AI, open source, and mechanism design like never before. Most importantly, we will return to our roots and tackle this next wave of challenges with curiosity, rigour, and a relentless dedication to creating value for developers and organisations.

Thank you for your support and for joining us on this journey.

— Rodrigo & Team Quira 🙇