Twenty-Eight Things I’ve Learned This Past Year

In honor of my birthday, I have decided to reflect on my 28th year

My birthday is today, October 12th. I am one year closer to 30 but I still feel pretty young. I have accomplished a lot this year and proud of myself on certain fronts. Of course, there are areas where I want to improve. You should always look to improve yourself and I plan on doing just that in my 29th year.

A little quick recap of the year as a whole. I am still working the same job with sights on a promotion at the start of the new year. I finally presented my Master’s thesis and received my degree in Applied Economics. I traveled to Washington D.C. and drove to Atlantic City by myself for a one night stay. I’m managing to become a healthier person through a ketogenic diet but it’s a work in progress. I’m single but thinking about actually doing some dating for a change.

Let’s get into the 28 different things I have learned about myself and the world around me.

  1. I miss school. Presenting my thesis was the end for me. I miss studying economics like I used to. Lame, I know.
  2. Political views can evolve over time. I have transitioned myself a little this year.
  3. I am down on myself too much sometimes, at least in my own mind. Working on that.
  4. I enjoy being single although I find myself wanting a real relationship.
  5. I am truly frightened of a Trump presidency.
  6. Solo road trips are awesome.
  7. Friends do not last forever. Something I don’t enjoy.
  8. I’m not the worst cook in the world.
  9. Enjoy as many moments with your family as you can.
  10. I will never be as strong as my sister who managed to beat cancer this year.
  11. Kanye West is a top 5 artist of all time.
  12. Sushi is amazing. A little bummed I can’t eat it on my diet.
  13. Washington D.C. is a pretty cool place. Loved seeing all of the history there. I’ll be back I’m sure.
  14. My desire to get into politics is still there despite a depressing presidential election.
  15. I have always like Colin Kaepernick but his protest has made him even more likable. Good for him.
  16. Big romantic gestures don’t work. Trust me, I know.
  17. Owning a cat isn’t all fun and games. They can be real assholes when they are kittens.
  18. Working in finance has made me dislike it….sometimes. Just rather be helping regular people.
  19. Taking leaps is not easy.
  20. Jogging sucks.
  21. I will really miss President Obama when he leaves office.
  22. I don’t have the same passion for poker as I used to. Trying to get that back.
  23. There is a very large segment of the white population in America that is racist or hold very negative views of other races.
  24. The ketogenic diet works.
  25. Words are under appreciated.
  26. I can eat chicken wings every day of my life. I never get sick of them.
  27. I am more of a realist now. I was a very idealistic person at one point. Politically, socially, and even romantically. Not so much anymore.
  28. You can’t have regrets. Learn from every experience, whether good or bad. Failure can motivate you just as much as success.

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