Weight Loss Journey Update

Let me start out by apologizing for not keeping my word and not posting the last few Wednesdays. I was busy on some of these days and one Wednesday, I forgot to weigh in at all. Either way, no excuses. I’m back now though!

Today marks two months for the two weight loss bets that I am in. I set my initial goals pretty high. I wanted to be around 232 lbs at this point. I’m not quite there unfortunately but I am still trying to stay positive. I weighed in Saturday morning so I will use that weight.

The Results

Starting Weight: 261.2 lbs

Week 1 Weight: 257.5 lbs

Week 2 Weight: 255.5 lbs

Week 3 Weight: 251.2 lbs

Week 4 Weight: 248.0 lbs

Week 5 Weight: 248.7 lbs

Week 8 Weight (60 days): 240.6 lbs

Total Weight Lost So Far: 20.6 lbs

I hit another goal in losing twenty pounds. I’m pretty proud of that and I am proud I am still sticking to my diet. It’s been challenging at times but I just refocus every time I think about quitting and get back to basics. Also, I was actually ten pounds heavier in early summer than what I started this bet at. So, technically I have lost just over thirty pounds but hey, who’s counting?!

I recently purchased adjustable Bowflex dumbbells and a bench for my apartment to force me to workout more and it has gone pretty well so far. I even returned to the gym where I have been paying for a membership for years. I went Friday night just to do some cardio work. If I keep this up, there’s no way I lose this bet.

We’re in the homestretch now! There is thirty days left in this bet and I’m currently on pace to lose a total of thirty pounds. I think I can beat that number if I am strict enough.

I am undecided if and when I will post another update. I don’t want to give away to my opponents my numbers as we close in on the finish line. If I don’t post before the bet is over, you can count on me posting the final results. And I don’t plan on stopping the keto lifestyle. I still have more weight to lose after the bet and a need to be healthier in general. Stay tuned and wish me luck!