Don’t Forget About Syria

About a month ago, just before the end of the year, the civil war in Syria, which has been raging for years now, reached a climax with Syrian president Bashar al-Assad’s forces seizing control of Aleppo after prolonged intense fighting.

I don’t know about you, but for several days, it seemed like all anyone could talk about — on the news, on TV, on social media — was Syria, particularly Aleppo. The usual pre-Christmas and Hanukkah posts died down for a while, as did talk about the U.S. elections.

But just as quickly as it all rose to the surface, it went away again. How many of your feeds went back to seemingly disembodied hands preparing one-bowl desserts and sheet-pan dinners, dogs playing in the snow, and articles about Russia? Mine certainly did.

Syria, however, is still a crisis.

Its people — both those who managed to flee and those who were unable to — are living a round-the-clock nightmare. For those of us who just finished celebrating a season filled with light, gifts, family, and abundance, the magnitude of the loss and destruction is simply incomprehensible.

It’s not too late to help.

Sign up as a Giver on Quiv (it’s free!), and select one of these organizations, which have been working on the ground, around the clock to help the people of Syria as well as refugees, as your preferred cause:

Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

When it comes to crises around the world, MSF is often one of the first organizations to be found on the ground. Despite significant regime-imposed constraints, regular bombings of its hospitals, and targeting of its doctors, MSF continues to distribute hygiene kits, clothing, blankets, and medications as well as supporting medical facilities and mobile clinics.

Save the Children

With some 12,000 children displaced throughout Syria and out of school, Save the Children is carrying out efforts to distribute food, blankets, and emergency supplies, as well as offer educational programs in temporary spaces. The organization has also organized emergency healthcare services.


Through its Syria Refugee Relief Fund, GlobalGiving supports over a dozen vetted, on-the-ground organizations working to provide refugees who have been displaced within Syria and to neighboring countries with relief and assistance. The organization has distributed food, water, and hygiene kits, and enabled safe access to medical care and psychosocial support.


Mercy Corps remains committed to helping all Syrians in need — as theu have been for years. Everyone deserves to have clean water, food and medical care, no matter where they live or what forces control their town.

For years, Mercy Corps’ team in Syria has courageously navigated battlefields to help alleviate the intense suffering of people trapped in the crossfire of this deadly conflict.

Right now, they have teams in northern Syria providing food, blankets and other supplies for evacuees from Aleppo and other newly displaced Syrians

When it comes to Syria, this list barely scratches the surface. Quiv’s database lists over one million nonprofits or charitable organizations recognized by local regulators, including many others that support Syrian civilians and refugees.

Do you have a preferred Syria-related organization? Share it with me in the comments below.