Why Quiv?

The name Quiv comes from the words QUestions and gIVing (or gIVe).

But why did we start Quiv? Where did the idea come from?

For years, I’ve struggled with a challenge: There are so many smart, knowledgeable people with whom I’d love to connect. How can I meet or chat with them to pick their brains and learn from their experience?

I’m pretty well connected, and if I put some effort into it, I’m usually able to get an introduction.

But after that there was no guarantee that the person would respond or put any real effort into answering my questions. At best, they might talk to me (sometimes even begrudgingly) as a favor to the person who introduced us; at worst, I’d be left hanging.

The problem, as I saw it, was that there was no compelling reason for the other party to want to answer my questions, to want to meet or talk or share their experience.

I know what you’re thinking: Money. I could just pay them for their time.

But a lot of these people either didn’t need or want the money, and might even feel insulted by such an offer.

So, no, that wasn’t the answer. Back to the drawing board.

How do I get a complete stranger to genuinely want to let me pick their brain?

Then, over dinner with a friend (fine wine was involved), discussing this challenge, the answer hit us.

Altruism. Giving! That’s the key to a person’s heart.

Most people have causes that they’re passionate about, and whether privately or publically, they’re willing to spend time, effort and cold, hard cash on them.

My friend and I spent hours that evening figuring out how to bridge these two different agendas: one person needs advice; the other wants to support a charitable cause.

And that’s how Quiv was born.

Quiv was created with the goal of enabling folks to connect with experts and pick their brains — and of giving those experts a good reason to let their brains be picked.

Today we’re excited to launch our closed, invitation-only alpha version of Quiv to give Givers (experts and people with great experience) the opportunity to register and carve out the niche areas in which they feel comfortable giving advice.

Down the road, our plan for Quiv is to create a plaform that allows said Givers to convert their time, experience and knowledge into real money for the causes they support by giving great advice that helps Quivers (the people asking the questions and looking for answers).

With the infinite number of questions to be asked and causes to help in the world, we’re excited and confident about the ability of Givers and Quivers to help each other and make a real impact on the world.

Why Quiv? Because asking is the new giving!